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Protecting The Rights And Interests Of NYC Property Owners

Property rights are the cornerstone of our legal system, allowing people to purchase and invest in real estate confidently. Although fundamental to the American way of life, property rights are not inviolable and must sometimes be enforced in court. Real estate controversies requiring court intervention arise in many ways, ranging from fundamental boundary disputes and partitions to competing claims to title due to fraud, deed theft or forgery. Buyers or sellers may breach the terms of a contract of sale of real property, and liens on real property can cloud title and impact one’s ability to sell or willingness to buy.

Whatever the case, Fadullon Dizon Krul LLP’s litigators are ready to represent you if you face these matters. The firm’s attorneys can help you navigate various property and title disputes and find tailored solutions that can effectively address your needs.

The Property Owners Fadullon Dizon Krul LLP Represents

The firm supports the interests of:

  • Homeowners of single and multifamily homes
  • Borrowers
  • Buyers and sellers involved in disputes over the purchase and sale of real property
  • Property co-owners involved in disputes seeking partitions
  • Property management companies and property managers
  • Real estate investors interested in buying distressed debt
  • Those seeking to create or manage constructive trusts

If you have any financial interest in your property, Fadullon Dizon Krul LLP can help you strategically navigate your dispute and find unique avenues to pursue desired results.

Trusted Legal Support For Title Disputes

Fadullon Dizon Krul LLP can assist you with title disputes. Whether you are facing liens, a defective title or fraudulent deeds, Fadullon Dizon Krul LLP can help you address these issues to limit the personal and financial hardship they could impose on you.

To learn more about what the firm’s lawyers can do for you regarding title matters, call them at 347-967-4087.

Uncover And Address Your Property And Title Issues Now

Property and title issues can often sneak up on you. When that happens, contact the firm to schedule your initial consultation through the contact form.

The firm takes cases throughout the New York City metro.