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Litigation Management

For businesses that are dependent on the outcome of a litigation or whose industries are inherently litigious, tight oversight of the litigation process is integral to growth and stability, but it can often be difficult for businesspeople without formal legal training to wade through the intricacies involved, meaningfully liaise with litigation counsel, or make informed business decision based on legal advice. For this reason, many businesses have in-house legal departments. FDK understands that not every business is in a position to keep an in-house lawyer on staff. Much in the same way that an in-house legal department would be, FDK is well-equipped to act as the go-between for your business and its litigation counsel. FDK can work together with your business and its litigation counsel to create a streamlined strategy for every step and possible contingency of a particular lawsuit, evaluating the shifting or evolving needs of your business throughout the process and making sure that your litigation counsel is staying on target with your goals. With FDK’s litigation management service at your side, your business will have a team of experienced litigators one phone call or email away ready to guide you to the best possible decision.