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Foreclosure Defense Litigation

Foreclosure can be intimidating and overwhelming. As with any lawsuit, legal assistance is essential to navigate the process and protect your equity and property. FDK has decades of combined experience in successfully litigating foreclosure actions throughout New York State and is ready to assist. Whether your goal is loan modification or other settlement with your lender, or, depending on the circumstances, the complete discharge of a mortgage, FDK will fight for dismissal of the lawsuit against you, and bring any appropriate counterclaims on your behalf against your lender to the full extent permitted under New York law.

Title and Real Estate Litigation

Secure property rights are the cornerstone of our legal system and allow people to purchase and invest in real estate with confidence. Although fundamental to our way of life, property rights are not inviolable and must at times be enforced in court. Real estate controversies requiring court intervention arise in a multitude of ways, ranging from basic boundary disputes and partitions, to competing claims to title due to fraud, deed theft, or forgery. Buyers or sellers may breach the terms of a contract of sale of real property, and liens on real property can cloud title and impact one’s ability to sell or willingness to buy. Whatever the case may be, FDK’s litigators are ready to step in on your behalf.